Here's Why Liminality

Liminality does research and we use that research to develop strategy. We are a market research and strategy firm which provides primary and secondary research solutions to organizations looking to better understand and better communicate with internal or external constituencies. We have built our reputation on establishing value for clients through cost-effective research, supportive customer service, and evidence-based strategy.

By identifying what is important to key segments of your audience or by bringing together groups who share common opinions or attitudes, Liminality helps you fine tune your strategy to achieve optimal results. We achieve this through a unique combination of expertise, technology and creativity.

Liminality's core strengths lie in three integrated areas: research, strategy and community.


Market research is a cornerstone of our work. So much of what enterprises do is based on assumptions about customers' or prospects' needs. Yet many of us don't really talk to our customers and prospects. Liminality market research is focused on the perceptions, attitudes and beliefs of people rather than demographics or assumptions. We don't believe that asking people if they strongly agree or disagree with a statement provides much insight into what they are really thinking.

Specifically, we specialize in:

  • Online surveys and discussions featuring open ended questions that allow respondents to speak freely about what they believe
  • Ongoing interactive dialogues with communities of people that allow us to dive deep into areas of interest or watch how attitudes change over time
  • Segmentation of respondents based on attitudes and perceptions
  • Focus groups and panels that incorporate the web, audio, video and in-person interaction
  • Product testing and product development programs that uncover new perspectives and possibilities
  • Research that works in both consumer and business marketing arenas
  • The incorporation of video and the web in virtually all of our work
  • The use of statistical tools and models in support of our research

When appropriate, we incorporate a macro approach into our research as well, which provides a perspective of your challenges based on such factors as industry trends, best practices and benchmarking data.


Analyzing data makes us happy. But using the analysis to solve your business problems is what really excites us. No research project is started without a full understanding of your business concerns and objectives. What we deliver is not just a summary of survey and interview responses, but what the data says about why people think the way they do and what it means for your enterprise. We not only address your business concerns and objectives, we make recommendations on what strategies you should undertake to be more successful. It is this distinction that makes us more than a research firm... we consider ourselves your strategic partner.


Many organizations talk to their customers, prospects or constituencies once or twice over the life of a relationship. We believe that a dialogue should be two-way, ongoing and become part of the standard way that you do business. We help our clients develop communities that can be the forum for such a dialogue.

Most people have a database of customers or prospects. Such a database alone is not a community. Liminality's community-building services include:

  • Identifying the best way to get people to join the community such as via e-mail invitation, a button on your website, or ads on other websites where your potential community members are likely to congregate.
  • Getting community members engaged by inviting them to share their thoughts about subjects that interest them.
  • Establishing neighborhoods of interest based on segmentation based on community members' concerns and interests
  • Providing content based on what intrigues community members most

Our clients use us for such things as:

  • Identifying new markets
  • Developing messages that increase closure rates
  • Testing new ads
  • Increasing fundraising effectiveness
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Testing new products
  • Identifying the most lucrative market segments
  • Uncovering best practices
  • Benchmarking key metrics
  • Profiling customers and prospects
  • And many others