Our Team

Christopher Samuels is the President and CEO of Liminality. Chris' energy and creativity is infectious and inspirational. Any client will tell you that a meeting with Chris inevitability turns into an animated idea-generation session that inspires clients and partners and results in new approaches and outlooks.

His work in qualitative research and the creation of two way dialogues with customers, prospects and communities are major cornerstones of the company's current offerings.

Prior to Liminality, he founded Communitas Online to focus on the technical advantages of survey research supported by a proprietary expert system, CALCAT™ - Computer-Aided Language Context Analysis Tool, a technology still in use at Liminality today. Previously, Chris directed the Boston Consulting Group's (BCG) business and technical research facility, Business Data Analysts. This unit specialized in advanced research applications and analytical support for BCG. He began his career in business at McKinsey & Co. where he was Research Director and Manager of the firm's largest research facility.

Chris received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia University.

Cheryl Dale, is Liminality's Chief Engagement Officer. She runs company operations, oversees every engagement and manages many of our client relationships.

Her intelligence, passion for analysis and incredible work ethic set the standard for our team. Here at Lim, Cheryl sets the pace. With many years of research experience, she knows what it takes to deliver results to our clients.

In 2000, she founded DaleBurnham, a marketing firm specializing in the development of growth and market entry strategies, marketing plan development, business model analysis and company/product positioning. Previously, Cheryl managed the marketing activities of the Asia Region for Global One (formerly Sprint International) where she was responsible for strategy development, new product introductions, and program management. She also spent seven years marketing information technology services for Control Data.

Cheryl received her B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and her M.B.A. from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

Jon-Curtiss (JC) Samuels is Liminality's Branding and Communications Officer. He translates wants and needs identified during our research into positioning strategies, brand identities and communications plans that resonate with our clients' constituencies.

JC's energy and creativity push all of us to think out of the box and to look at things in totally new ways. He has been the spark behind many of our new products and client offerings.

JC has worked as a consultant for 8 years and been involved with numerous technology-based start-ups including a web-development company, an advertising agency and a racing bike manufacturer.

JC earned his undergraduate degree in business, Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern University.